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Ava Spagnuolo



Ava Spagnuolo (Teacher) is a Dance Major at the County College of Morris, currently working to complete her Associates Degree. After, she plans on transferring to university to earn her Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts and Master's Degree in Dance Education. She has studied many different styles of dance, including tap, jazz, lyrical, contemporary, modern, ballet and hip-hop. Ava grew up as both a convention and competition dancer from the age of 6. 


Throughout her training, she has been able to work with many amazing choreographers such as Nick DiNicolangelo, Melissa West, Jeremy Arnold, Terence Duncan, Tracy Badini and many more. She has been assisting classes since she was young and teaching for the past 2 years. Getting hands on experience with assisting and teaching has been a huge asset to her career. She has worked with both competition and non-competition dancers starting as young as age 1, building up to age 17.


In her dance career, she has had the opportunity to perform at many different events, showcases and competitions. She has been been awarded many awards as a dancer and choreographer. Regardless of her future, she plans to continue teaching because it has been such a light in her life. Ava is excited for her time here at SJDA and can’t wait to watch everyone grow!!

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