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VOice Classes

Private voice lesson policies

We offer 45 and 60 minute private voice lessons. All private lessons will be billed in full at the beginning of each month. All lessons and fees are non-refundable. If a student needs to miss their private lesson the studio must have 24 hours notice in order to make up missed instructional time. Students have one-month from the missed lesson to make up the time, subject to the instructor's discretion. In the event of an emergency and the notice is under 24 hours, please contact the studio immediately so arrangements can be made.

For more information and to schedule voice lessons please contact the studio 973-794-6730 or

voice Class Descriptions 

Acting for the singer

Learning to act for the musical theatre stage or the opera stage requires different skills than a straight actor. The course will review basic acting skills and refine those skills for acting with music. In the Spring Semester you will study scenes from Musicals and/or operas. Master the art of singing and acting with another actor. This class will meet weekly for one hour. Class recommended for students 12-18 of age, but can be adapted for children and adults. Class limited to 6 students.

Learn to read music

You made the dance callback for a Musical you’ve always wanted to be a part of. Great! But the next part of the audition is sight reading a piece of music the company wants you to sing. UGH!, you think! Now what! I can’t read music! Alas! Have those worries no more! Let Ms. Diane teach you the basics of music reading, including easy to understand music theory, along with ear training and sight singing which is sure to make you a real triple threat! The course is limited to 5 students in a class and meets weekly for one hour. Recommended for ages 7 and up.

Voice Performance Class

So you love to sing. You are taking private voice lessons. Your skills as a singer are getting better with each lesson. Yet, you may still be hesitant to sing in front of strangers. Perfectly understandable! It can happen to the most seasoned of professionals. How does one fix that? Practice! In this class you will meet with other voice students and actually practice the art of performing and auditioning. There are many skills that one can learn to help you land that next audition and perform the next gig with great joy and satisfaction. Class size limited to 5-7 students. This class runs weekly for one hour. Recommended age group 12-18. Classes can be also offered for younger students and adults.

Triple Threat

If you want to be a triple threat this class is for you! In our Triple Threat class we bring together the fundamentals of acting, singing and dancing. The emphasis in this class is to strengthen each of the elements equally to create a well-rounded Triple Threat performer. Students will also spend time building on their technique using improv/theatre games to round out the full theatre experience. This class also helps prepare students for performance opportunities such as school musicals and talent shows. 

Voice Student Accomplishments

Congratulations to Kenna Castellano for making the select choir of the Morris County Honors Choir. She was also given a gospel solo of "When I Lay My Burden Down" as part of her participation in the elite choir. Kenna also scored a part in her high school musical, The Adams Family


Congratulations to Simona Paleski for landing a vocal solo in her school's Christmas concert. She was fabulous! 


Both singers are voice students of Ms. Diane Fox and have been studying with Ms. Diane for one year.

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