David Oliver has been teaching martial arts, dance and choreographing lyrical hip hop for the past 8+ years. His passion for dancing lead him from a successful early martial arts career to backup dancing for a number of artists, teaching master classes and composing wedding dances. Known for his diversified approach paired with a humorous personality, David has the ability to build a long lasting mutual connection with anyone.

David is the owner of N.M.E Fit Life llc, rendering high level services which include but not limited to, personal training, rehabilitation & rejuvenation, strength & conditioning, reiki energy healing/massage & cert. life coaching. 10+ years of certifications, clients and accolades, David’s true passion is working with special needs children as well as visiting senior citizen/group homes to implement his custom designed exercise & wellness programs promoting an actively healthier lifestyle through positivity & performance.

As a proud father of 2, David wants nothing more than to respectfully share his insights and positive perspectives through creative expressions, hoping it may contagiously spread confidence, respect, and the free-will power in every child to not only believe in their dream but undoubting belief of self.